at Utrecht University I am involved in the following courses:
  • Introduction to Sociology (University College, UCSSCSOC11)
  • Familiesociology: trends, theory and quantitative research (regular Sociology bachelor,
  • Policy Evaluation Research (regular Sociology bachelor, 201600411)
  • BSc and MSc supervision.
at Wageningen University I was involved in the following courses:
  • HSO-31806 – Advances in Health and Society
  • SCH-20806 – Lifestyles and Consumption
  • SCH-21306 – Demography and Global Population Issues
  • SCH-23306 – Health Issues in Daily Life; a B├Ęta-Gamma Approach
  • SCH-32306 – Comparative Health Problems and Policies
  • YSS-10906 – Analysis of a Problem Situation
  • YSS-20306 – Quantitative and Qualitative Research Techniques in the Social Sciences