I work as assistant professor at the Sociology department at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Previously I worked as assistant professor at Wageningen University. Before that I was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands on Melinda Mills’ VIDIproject ‘unravelling the interplay between genetics and fertility behavior’. I wrote my PhD on social inequalities in the effect of ‘negative’ events, such as divorce, on psychological well-being at Tilburg University. My supervisors were Matthijs Kalmijn (promotor, now at University of Amsterdam) and Christiaan Monden (copromotor, now at University of Oxford).

Research interests

My main interest is in applying genomics to the study of social inequalities in health.

  • Sociogenomics
  • Inequality in health
  • Sociology
  • (Historical) Demography
  • Life course
  • Measurement of social interactions


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